Why is a client persona so important? Includes free template

Ideal client persona

Social media can be hard work, creating posts and planning strategies, engaging with others, posting awesome photos or even remembering to take some! It can be very time consuming when you have a business to run too which is why creating a customer persona is so important.

If everything you create on your social media is attracting the wrong clients then it is a big waste of your already limited time. So this blog should help explain the client persona definition and show you exactly what you need to create for your own client persona for your business.

What is a client persona?

A client persona helps you to understand your ideal client in detail so you can think, how they would. By understanding your client better you can:

  • Create content specifically for them.
  • Put yourself in their shoes.
  • Understand their perception of your business.

So what are the benefits of creating a client persona, I hear you ask?

Well it helps you to understand:

  • Your clients’ needs and motivations.
  • Your clients’ interests.
  • Dislikes
  • Negative issues – for example issues on your website or product.

A client persona will also help you:

  • To make more money from your current clients.
  • Attract new ideal clients.
  • Improve engagement and conversion on your social media.
  • Improve product/services to meet their specific needs.

What are client persona questions or persona examples?

Personas are not just your target market. You need to ask yourself various questions about your ideal client, the more information you have the better your understanding will be. It is basically a profile of your ideal customer with in-depth information from such things as their age, job title and income to buying behaviours. I have a free template to help you with this.

To find all the answers that you need, start by asking your current clients. You can ask verbally, by interview or by asking them to complete a questionnaire. Looking at your insights on social media will answer a lot of your questions for you too. They tell you things such as age, gender, where people live and even when most of your followers are online so you know when to post your amazing (client persona in mind) content. Doing some research will be beneficial to completing your client persona example. As I say, the more information you can find out the more you will understand your ideal client. You would not be here in business, if you had no clients so understanding them and creating value is key. 

Where do I get a client persona template?

You don’t need to go far, I have created a free client persona template for you – just click here to download the PDF.

If you would like a bit more information and some more top tips to help attract your ideal client on Instagram I also have a video on YouTube that will help you.

You can find my video – How to attract your ideal client, on my YouTube channel here:

Blossom Tree Social Marketing Tips

I hope this was helpful.

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