Hashtags for Instagram help to build your audience

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I always get asked about hashtags for Instagram from which to use, how many and do we really need them? Hopefully, this blog will answer all your questions you may have and give you the confidence to start using hashtags and in the right way.

Different people have different theories when it comes to hashtags but I am going to share with you what has worked well for me. So, here are my top tips for hashtags:

Are hashtags really that important?

YES! Especially on Instagram. They get you more reach which will give you more brand awareness and if you use the correct ones, they should build your audience which should then turn into more sales (depending on your content too).

How many hashtags should I use on a post?

There is no specific answer here, as it depends on your audience, your content and the relevance of a hashtag. Instagram has a limit of 30 per post. The more you use, the more reach you can get. However, they need to be relevant to the post and your business. So, don’t try fill the full 30 with random hashtags as you will end up attracting the wrong audience.

Some don’t like the look of lots hashtags in their captions but they are missing out on more reach. Instagram has confirmed that hashtags work better in your caption, rather than in the comments. To try hide them a little, I put them right at the bottom. To do this, I simply use a full stop and return (a few times) as this forces the hashtags to stay at the bottom.

See photo for reference.
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Remember they must be relevant to your post and your business otherwise you will just attract the wrong client. You need your ideal client, who is interested in what you offer and who engages with your content.

What happens if I don’t use any hashtags?

You simply won’t get as much reach or engagement on Instagram. A post with at least one hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement. It will benefit your business to start using them.

How do I know which to use?

Finding hashtags for every post can take a bit of time to prepare but it’s totally worth it to build awareness. Your hashtags need to be relevant to the post and your business. Try not to use all the popular hashtags as your post will just get lost.

If you use the more medium to low hashtags you are more likely to be seen and noticed by your ideal clients. Don’t repeat the same hashtags on every post as this can be seen as spam and your post will not be shown to as many people.

So, to sum up:

  • Use relevant hashtags
  • Try to use 30 on each post
  • Don’t repeat on every post
  • Keep researching

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