How to stay positive on social media

How to stay positive on your socials

How to stay positive on social media:

Are you struggling to keep positive?⁠ Times are tough for everyone so I understand how hard it can be to keep being positive on your socials too. Even having the motivation to put posts on can be hard work.

It takes time and planning to complete your socials and keeping positive can be difficult, we all need to keep calm and stay positive. We can do this!

Try my top tips to keeping positive on social media:
  • Decide on your socials

Do you really need to be on every platform?⁠ Is your audience on them all? Once you know who your ideal client is (see my client persona blog for more information) you need to find which platform they are on the most. Then follow them, engage with them and build up your relationships. Build up an amazing community with your social media marketing.

  • Plan ahead

Now, I’m not going to lie. If you don’t have much motivation, planning can be hard to start with. Which is why so many put it off. However, if you can get yourself positive and motivated then you will soon get into the flow of planning.

So, have a think what helps you stay motivated or inspires you the most. Try do that then get on with some content planning.

Honest, once you have a month of content planned you can keep calm and stay positive. It motivates you to create the marketing content and schedule it. Then you feel SO much better.

You do still need to engage and do stories, you can’t expect to just put content out there and hope someone likes it. It is called social media after all so get socialising and engaging as these followers could become your customers! Which brings me to my next point…

  • Engage with others

I see so many put up a post then disappear. They have scheduled their post so go put their feet up. People comment or like and get nothing back. Then they wonder why their engagement and following isn’t doing well. We need to support each other through the tough times.⁠

Keep each other positive. You can meet some great people on your social media so if you don’t engage you could be missing out on lots of great opportunities, meeting people who keep you positive and losing your ideal clients. Social media is your social customer service.

So engage, engage, engage!

  • Schedule times for social engagement

Now, don’t go crazy and engage for hours on your social media. It can easily be done but try not to.⁠ For one, if you like too many posts at one time the platform may think you’re a bot and suspend your account for a bit (this does take a lot to do this) so don’t panic.

And two, it can’t be great for your health or mindset. Everyone needs a break. Try to schedule some times each day to do your engagement. Then you won’t forget and it won’t be for too long.

  • Remember to take a break

As I have said your mental health matters. Taking a break really helps your mindset.

For me,  I have found it also helps me to think of new content ideas. When you’re not trying so hard to think of ideas, one usually pops into your head when you least expect it.

So, why not try go outside, go for a run or listen to music. Maybe hide your phone or put it on silent to avoid any temptation. ⁠Just do something you enjoy and make sure it’s away from your screen. This way you have a proper break and can clear your mind.


  • Talk to actual people

A good chat does the world of good. It’s hard at the moment so try talk online so you get to see them (screen to screen). You could meet someone at distance, if allowed. Or just talk on the phone, does anyone do that anymore?

You don’t need to chat about your work or social media. Pick a great friend who is good at lifting your spirits or making you laugh. Anyone who can keep you positive is just what we all need. Who can you call?

We all have at least one friend who really cheers you up and makes your day; so speak to them regularly and try to be that great friend back. We are stronger together and can get through this.

Our businesses can blossom again soon!

Try my positive post ideas:

  • Share positive quote⁠s
  • Ask a question⁠ – to get people talking
  • Try a funny gif⁠
  • Share some inspiration or who inspires you
  • Share/tag another business to help support and cheer them up too!

If you are struggling with your social media marketing, please get in touch. I’m here to help small businesses. I love creating content and helping people. I offer several services so if you are unsure which you require, we can have a quick phone call to discuss your needs⁠. I can then do a bit of research and get back to you with the best services and prices.

I also offer a FREE 30-day content kit (on website), if you just need some inspiration. Complete the sign up form and you will also receive regular marketing and motivational email, right to your inbox!

Thanks for reading, take care.

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