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I know a lot of people that have struggled when it comes to Instagram, they weren’t sure what to post, what hashtags to use and how to create a bio to attract their ideal client. This blog will help you to create or amend into a brilliant bio to attract those ideal clients and build your audience.

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Anyway, back to our brilliant bio’s.

You need to think of your bio as your home page of your website but more compact. Your bio description works with the 12 top images and highlights, this is the first thing your ideal client will see when they click on your account so first impressions count. A person will decide in a few seconds if they will follow you or not. Have a quick look at your bio now, does it speak out to your ideal client? Is it simple and easy to read? Can people book or buy easily from you?

Before you start changing your bio to be brilliant read my top tips:

Character limit

An Instagram brilliant bio can only have 150 characters so you need to have a good think what you want to include. People want quick answers on Instagram, it is a more visual platform so ideally your bio should say:

  • who you are
  • what you do
  • how to book/buy
  • How you can solve their problem
Ensure people can find you

If you have a premises you should have your address on there so you are easy to find. Don’t add this in your bio description as you will waste precious characters (remember you don’t have many). To add your address on your Instagram business account, go to:

Profile > Edit profile > public business information > contact option > Business address

This way people can click on the address and it will show them in maps to help find you.

Don’t use emojis in your bio description

I have recently learnt about not using emojis. Yes, I myself was using them as many do to use them as bullet points to help break up the text. It does make it easier to read however I have recently discovered that is not helpful for those that use screen readers, it sounds very complicated as they are hearing the description of the emoji. (Each emoji has it’s own unique description) So, by using emoji’s it can be confusing for those with screen readers.

You could always save your emojis for in your post captions as they are fun to use and can help with engagement. If you do wish to use them in your bio just don’t go overboard and maybe save them for the end, rather than as bullet points before all your text.

Link in bio                                                                              

Instagram only lets you have 1 link within your bio. You can put your website on if you have one. Or your Facebook page. You can even use third party tools where you can have various links, where your audience can pick what they want to look at. Such as links to website, blogs and Facebook page.

Use brand colours

As I have said before your description works with your highlights and top images so try keep your posts and stories (which you can add to highlights) with your brand colours in mind. This helps when people are scrolling through their feed, as they will recognise its your brand straight away.

Optimize your name section

This is not your tag or account name, please don’t change that. But what I mean is your name section, see below photo for reference.

Instagram bio

Now, this part needs some key words in. But shouldn’t that be my tag name? I hear you ask.

You can still have a part of your tag name but you really need to try get a key word in there. When people are searching on Instagram and they type something that is in your name section. Your account will show up on the list. So, for example if someone searches beauty salon. If you have your business name then beauty salon your account will show up on the list. If you have a premises, I’d highly recommend that you put the town or place in this name section; to be more visible.

Before you get changing anything. You really need to have a think and research what people are actually searching for. Again, there is a limit for your name which is only 30 characters! So, choose it wisely. Don’t worry too much, you can change it. However, you can only change it a couple of times within a few weeks.

So, to have an Instagram brilliant bio, try some of my top tips:
brilliant bio tips

brilliant bio tips

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