How to blossom online


How to blossom online top tips here.

Beauty therapy can be such a rewarding job, helping clients to look and feel fabulous! However, sometimes the business side can be overwhelming. So, if your just starting out or looking to blossom your business then check out my top tips for online success below:

  • Savvy Social media

You can’t wait around in your salon and hope people will walk past and drop in. Most people are online now especially on social media. A lot of people will in fact check your social media before they decide whether to book in with you. So pick a platform you enjoy working with and where most of your audience is. Work on this platform, be consistent, speak to your ideal client and engage with your ideal client. Join my new membership – Blossoming Salon Socials which will help you a lot with your social media presence. It’s so important right now!

  • Groovy Google

Some forget about this so I wanted to mention it in case you don’t have an account. Google my business – you need an account! It’s super easy to set up and can help dramatically when people are searching for you. You can add photos, posts and all your information. And it’s FREE! One of the most important parts is getting the reviews on there.

Say, someone searched in Google for a beauty salon in your area. The results showed you and a competitor. Your competitor has 50 Google reviews, you have 5. Who do you think they would book with? I would go with the one who has the most reviews, I think most would.

So, ask every client for a Google review! It could make all the difference to a potential clients search.

  • Wonderful Website

I know not all salons have a website but again they will help when people are searching for you or your services. They are great to showcase your work and have all your opening hours on etc. You can just set up a basic one, you don’t need a massive budget. If you really are not great with the tech, you could always outsource this if you have the budget. Adding regular blogs onto your website helps with search engine optimisation and it also gives your clients top tips.

  • Fantastic Facebook

I know I’ve already mentioned social media but if you can get yourself on some local Facebook groups you can get to know locals, give them advice and attract your ideal client. Some groups, let you advertise your business on them but please make sure you check the group rules or you may get kicked out.

  • Amazing articles

Now, technically having an article in a magazine or paper isn’t online however a lot do have these online now as well as printed. This is a great way to increase your brand awareness! If you have the budget you can advertise or you can email the editor and ask if they would like a guest blog or article.

Have a think what you would like to write about and just ask them if they need a guest blog. Share your blogs from your website so they can see your previous work. Some may not answer, some may say no but don’t let it put you off, as one might just say YES! I did a blog for one of my clients and got in touch with a local mums group to see if they needed any guest blogs. They loved it and shared on there website, which got more exposure for my client.

So, don’t be too worried. Just go for it, your business needs to blossom!

If you need any help get in touch, I offer audits, training and my new membership is now open, doors close on 19th July 2021. You can find more information on my Instagram HERE.

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