From beauty to business

Sarah owner of Blossom Tree Social

From beauty to business.

My journey within the beauty industry:

I will be honest; I didn’t have any idea what I wanted to do after school. I was not exactly the most confident person. So, much has changed. I would say I’m still more of a listener than a talker but when I do, I’m straight to the point!

I remember flicking through all the college courses and thinking what am I going to do?

Then, I came across a hair and beauty course which I thought sounded quite interesting. You could go onto so many amazing things afterwards too. So, I signed up to 3 years at college for hair & beauty level 2 & 3. I loved it, especially the beauty side of it. I planned to go off on the cruise ships after some experience within a salon.

First work

My first job was as a self-employed beauty therapist within a small hair & beauty salon. I loved been by own boss, I did need to do my own books but once I got in a routine of completing them each month, it wasn’t bad. I built up quite a clientele, I didn’t realise how many until I left!

Not long after starting this job, I met my (now) husband. 2 years later my plans kind of changed as we decided to move into together, so I found myself applying for employed roles (just to be on the safe side for my mortgage).

I worked in various salons (including my sisters hair salon) and spa’s, working my way to management level. I trained therapists, did admin, budgets, marketing, merchandising products etc. I really enjoyed the business side of things; it was a nice change from all the spa massages.

Then everything changed.

This is actually when I hurt my hand during a massage, I had to have physio for a while but it never seemed the same. I had a lot of pain and travelling to and from the spa started to take its toll. In the end I decided to try something new but I felt like I was back at school deciding what to do again! I had no idea!

I got an admin job, I liked the work but it just wasn’t the same, I missed the beauty industry. I rented a room doing beauty again, after learning new treatments but still struggled. So, I felt a bit lost.

Then I got a reception job in a new clinic and helped with the set up and organising. Here, I decided to get a qualification in marketing as I loved helping with social media. So, while working part time and sorting the kids. I started studying online digital marketing level 4 with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

I had a few challenges along the way

My sister also asked me to help her with social media for her salon. This is how my marketing career started. Then the pandemic hit. I won’t lie, it was tough. Trying to entertain my youngest and home-school my eldest.  Plus, my studying and doing my sisters socials, I think actually doing this part kept me sane.

I’m a creative person so I loved creating her content as it was about the industry so I felt a little closer to it. I loved building her audience and engaging with others. She said, you’re getting amazing results and all my clients are all saying how good my socials are. You should do it as a job!

My own business sounded amazing but could I do this?

Imposter syndrome kicked in. My first thought was, no way. Who would want help from me? But then I thought, stop putting things off. Keep learning and keep trying so last year I set up Blossom Tree Social, during the pandemic! Crazy right?! It’s the best thing I’ve ever done though. I have learnt so much more. I passed my CIM exam with flying colours! And am now fully qualified. So, as tough as the past few years have been they have also been amazing!

New beginnings

Now, starting my membership is my next chapter and my dream job as it’s helping lots of salon owners all at once. I will be building my own community, creating content and helping people! Sounds perfect to me – I can’t wait for everyone to sign up!

For membership news follow on Instagram @blossomingsalonsocials or @blossomtreesocial

So, this is my story. I can’t wait to hear yours too!

Have a great day.


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