8 marketing tips for salons


8 marketing tips for salons to blossom offline.

You can’t just put all your efforts in social media and hope to get results. This may be hard to hear but you never know, one day social media might just be gone, or your account could be deleted. Make sure you are using other areas too as not everyone is on every platform.

So, here are my 8 marketing tips to blossom offline:

1. Book next appointment

It costs you a lot less money to keep your current clients returning (hopefully spending more too) than it does to get new ones! So, make sure you’re always asking every client when they want their next appointment. I used to simply ask – “Shall we book your next appointment while your here, then we don’t forget?” Or “before I get booked up!” You don’t need to be pushy, just ask politely, then it’s like you’re doing them a favour by reminding them.

2. Client care

This is the one of the most important. If you’re doing an amazing consultation, service, aftercare and retail to every client. Word will soon get out, how amazing you are! Just the little things make a big difference. Remember, what you spoke about last time (write notes if you don’t have the best memory) and ask about it on the next appointment. Talk but mainly listen, be kind, be professional and always ask if everything is ok. Talk about your other services and products. Excellent client care is key to success! Oh, and I’d also ask for reviews too!!

3. Local businesses

Speak with local businesses as all their staff could be potential clients. If you have the budget, you could offer them a special discount or an add on treatment once they have booked in. Give them leaflets to put in the staff room.

4. Local networking

This is great to get yourself out there and well known to other locals. The more people that know about you the better! They could tell their friends who could tell their friends etc. If you can’t get to any of these then get in all the local Facebook groups and be as helpful as possible to get more known there.

5. Recommend a friend offer

This way they are more likely to tell their friends about you. You can share it on your socials, website and in the salon. However, I would want to encourage my ideal clients for this offer as hopefully their friends are similar and will be more of your ideal client. Don’t give too much away, just a small discount for those that have recommended when their friend has actually booked in.

6. Leaflet drop

Now, this works amazingly well for some but not great for others. I would say have a good think about what you will put on your leaflet, decide what you want to achieve from it too. I would also try put some sort of code onto the leaflet, so you know exactly where the person received it. For example, if you put some through doors have one code then if you handed some out in the street put another code. This way you then know which way has worked the best for you.

7. Guest articles/blogs

Get in touch with local papers or magazines. This is a great way to increase your brand awareness! If you have the budget, you can advertise or you can email the editor and ask if they would like a guest blog or article.

Have a think what you would like to write about and just ask them if they need a guest blog. Share your blogs from your website so they can see your previous work. Some may not answer, some may say no but don’t let it put you off, as one might just say YES! I did a blog for one of my clients and got in touch with a local mum’s group to see if they needed any guest blogs. They loved it and shared on their website, which got more exposure for my client.

8. Email marketing

Remember to ask for your client’s email address, sending regular emails with things such as updates, news, new products or services can help increase your income. It’s simple to do and you don’t need to be fancy. Just type a simple email as if you were talking to them.

(Ok, maybe this one is online but it’s seperate to social media)

Social media now plays such a big part for salons but don’t just rely on this alone.

Word of mouth is your most powerful tool – and its free!!!

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