Client consultation tips

Client consultation tips

Client consultation tips

Consultations with your clients are so important as they help to build your relationship and trust. If you know exactly what your client wants and expects then they will keep returning as they feel more valued.

Just have a think about it from their point of view. So, imagine you’re the client and your therapist or stylist hardly asks anything or just presumes you want the same as last time. You wouldn’t be too happy with their customer service, would you?

By completing a good consultation this can also help with your retail sales as you will know exactly which products the client’s needs. Then if your recommending products that will help or benefit them, they are more likely to buy them.

I have put together a few tips for a good consultation, this is what I did as a therapist:

Use eye contact & be welcoming

If you’re not even looking at your client or been welcoming when they arrive, it can feel awkward for the client. And may seem like you’re not interested in them.

Use the client’s name

It may seem simple but it is much nicer and professional to use your clients name when you are greeting them.

Sit down with your client so you are at eye level

If you are stood over your client while they are talking to you, it can be intimidating. Sitting with them so you are at eye level is always better, remember to keep up with your eye contact. This shows you are interested in what they are saying and actually listening to them.

Ask plenty of questions so you know exactly what your client needs

If you want to do a good treatment and have loyal clients then you need to know exactly what each client wants, needs and expects. If they are super happy with your client care and services, they are more likely to return, buy more and recommend friends. So, are you asking enough questions?

Ask open questions to try get a more detailed answer, rather than a yes or no

Remember if you ask your questions in certain ways, you can get more details from a client. If you just ask simple closed question, you will only get a yes/no response. With open questions your client must tell you more detail. For example, a closed question would be – are your nails ok since your last visit? They would answer yes (hopefully) or no. However, if you asked an open question such as – What has been happening with your nails since I last saw you? They should hopefully explain a bit more to if they have had any problems or if they need something different this time etc.

Depending on the service – complete a patch test to check for any allergies

This is so important; people can suddenly become allergic to something that they never have done before. You need to cover yourself and your business in case anyone has a nasty reaction.

Take note

I would always make notes, so I knew what they had the last time they came in just in case I needed to refer back to them. It’s also helpful for other staff members, if they happen to complete a treatment if you’re off work. I even wrote down what we talked about the last time if they were going to a party. I would make note to ask on their next visit if they had a good time. If you have a better memory than me you might not need to do this. It’s just the little touches that count, to have good client care and service. It will make your client feel valued and special that you remembered what you talked about from their last visit.

Please note – Make sure you store your records correctly with the GDPR guidelines.

So, after reading my top tips, is there anything you could do to improve your consultations?

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