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Savvy Stories

Are you using Instagram stories to your advantage?

Instagram stories need to be a part of your marketing strategy.

Here’s why:

500 Million people use stories every day and 58% of users say they’re more interested in a brand after seeing it in a Story.

Stories are a great way to build brand awareness, show the face and story behind the brand. They also help to build trust with your followers.⁠

⁠Try my top tips to creating some great stories to help build connections:


I would normally recommend posting to your stories, at least 1 each day. More if you can.⁠ However, I am currently testing with my stories. Where I post multiple stories one day then none the next (alternate days). So, far I seem to be getting more views on my stories. I will be sharing my results on Instagram soon. But see what works for you, keep testing and keep checking your insights. Remember everyone’s audiences and accounts are different, you just need to find what works well for yours.


Have some fun and be more creative, remember stories only last 24 hours so they don’t have to be perfect. Do a mixture of content such as photos, video, text or Gifs. You need to be consistent throughout and use your brand colours so people will recognise you straight away. If your ever struggling have a look on Canva, they have lots of templates that you can adapt to your brand and colour scheme.

Add value

Don’t forget to check that your stories are adding value to your audience. They need to showcase you and your business, help or advise or entertain them. You want to keep them interested and learning more about you. Have your ideal client in mind when you’re creating.


To get more engagement on your stories use some of the features such as questions and polls. Again, mix it up and see what your audience responds well to. Posting regular stories can help with engagement on your grid posts too, not everyone will see every post that you add. Try share the post to your stories so people can click and be taken to your grid post.


Remember to show the face behind the brand, you could do quick videos of you talking, so sharing tips or asking your audience a question. This helps to connect and build trust with your audience. People buy from people, if they know, like and trust you they are more likely to engage and book in. A lot of people watch their stories on mute. So, make sure you’re adding captions to any videos otherwise they will just scroll past you if they don’t know what you’re saying.

Ideas for your stories
  • ⁠Behind the scenes⁠ – people like to see what’s going on in the salon.
  • FAQs⁠ – what do you get asked a lot? Answer these questions in your stories.
  • Product/service highlight⁠ – Share the benefits and how it can make them feel.
  • Ask a question⁠ – this is a great way to find out more about your audience.
  • Video of you⁠ – share tips, share what you’re up to, tutorials etc.
  • Client reviews⁠ – showcase what your clients think about your treatments.
  • Meet the team⁠ – Share fun facts about your team, what they specialise in.
  • Shout out to another business⁠ – Share a local business
  • Poll or quiz⁠ – doesn’t always have to be about work, try a fun quiz
  • Before & after of your work⁠ – Showcase your work and how potential clients could look and feel if they visit you.
Remember to:

Post regularly and check your insights

Get creative and add value

Engage with others

Keep testing

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