How to improve your engagement on Instagram

Instagram tips

How to improve your engagement on Instagram:

I quite often get asked from my followers and some of my newer members – Why am I not getting much engagement on Instagram?

There could be a few factors such as the content you’re sharing, using the wrong hashtags or something as simple as, you’re not engaging enough with others.

Try my top tips to help improve your engagement levels.

Add value

The content that you are sharing, does it help your audience? Does it showcase you or your business? Sometimes it can be so easy to post something without giving it much thought (especially when you’re so busy, with little time left for social media).

Have a think before you post or schedule that next piece of content, does it add value to my audience? What can I share the will be benefit them or explain more about my services? I can help you more with this in my 1:1 Instagram training sessions, if needed.

Be yourself

When I add a post on my socials with myself on, it gets so much more engagement. A lot can shy away from social media (I did to start with) and be worried what people think or how they look. But your audience follow you as they like you, the more you can talk about yourself and show the face behind the brand, the more people will know, like and trust you.

If you can get your audience to like and trust you, they’re more likely to book in. Try not to worry so much and be yourself. Remember to stay professional, you don’t need to overshare but people do want to see who owns the business and your values etc.

Engage with others

You need to be engaging with others, especially your ideal client. It is called social media after all. Building connections and relationships can help your audience to trust you and again the more they like and trust you the more likely they will book with you. Scrolling through and liking every post won’t quite cut it.

You need to comment on others posts and stories, ask questions, be helpful. Try set aside 15 minutes each day to engage with you audience. You could also engage with your ideal clients who are not yet your follower. Try connect with local people and local businesses by following and using local hashtags.

Also adding a post that is just a simple question to your audience can help boost your engagement levels and better yet, it helps you learn more about your audience.

Have a strategy

Posting randomly onto Instagram may get you the odd follower or client but posting consistently with a clear plan in place will help to get those followers and clients coming in consistently too. I have a whole section on this in Blossoming Hub membership. It helps to keep you organised so when you have your busy months, you won’t need to worry as your social media will be planned and scheduled so you can concentrate on your clients.

Then when a normally quiet month comes up, you’ve kept consistent on your socials so the bookings should be more consistent too. You don’t have to post everyday, you need to be realistic with that time you have available. It’s much better to have a post that adds value to your audience than quickly adding a photo just to post something.

Remember, your hashtags need to be relevant to the post and your business.

Keep testing

Now with everything, things can change, audiences can change etc, so you need to keep testing. Keep trying new things, try different camera angles. Somethings make work, others won’t. But if you’re checking your insights regularly you will know what type of posts to keep doing and what days or times work well for your audience.

Mix up your content, people can get bored if they see the similar photos all the time. Try add Reels, fun gifs,  go live. There’s so many different ways you can add content you just need to be brave and get started. It also doesn’t all have to be work related. You can talk about yourself, why started your business, your team or anything that you know your audience can relate to.

Not everything has to be perfect, just give it a go!

If you need any further help, I offer 1:1 bespoke training sessions & audits. Plus, my membership Blossoming Hub to help you grow your business and socials consistently and successfully.

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