Halloween marketing ideas

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Halloween marketing ideas

Halloween is a great celebratory period where you have the opportunity to market your business and attract new potential clients through your doors.

As things are slowly getting back to some sort of normality, people are more likely to celebrate and they will need some treatments before their big Halloween plans.

Spooky special offer to try:
  • Lucky dip, where clients can find a trick (eg toy spider) or a treat (eg gift voucher).
  • No tricks just treats pick & mix, where clients can pick their own treatments from a list for a specific amount. For example, provide a list of 6 treatments and clients can pick 3 for a specific price. Obviously work out your costings in case they pick 3 of the most expensive treatments.
  • If you wanted to promote a specific treatment, do a limited edition version. Where the price is slightly cheaper or has free add on treatment, for 1 month only and has a spooky Halloween name!

These offers can benefit your salon as it will ensure clients are booking in for extra treatments, which they may never have done before. If they really enjoy it, they may book in again for more. This will then increase your revenue.

Doing something a bit different and getting everyone talking about it, will help with word of mouth and recommendations, which can attract new clients to your business.

Marketing tips for Halloween:

Word of mouth is so powerful and free, so tell everyone you know.

Online is great, so socials, website, Google my business etc but make sure your promoting offline too! You can get some leaflets printed and give them out to locals, speak to local businesses.

Ask if your local magazine or paper would like to hear your story, share why you started the business, why you love Halloween etc. Remind clients of your recommend a friend offer (if you have one, if not try start one).

How to stand out from the crowd:

Have some fun, get creative with your social media posts, show behind the scenes in your stories. Try get a plan in place and schedule what you can before the mad rush of bookings.

Decorate the salon and do an amazing window display, to get noticed more. Some might just rush past your salon and never have really noticed it, make them notice you with your Halloween display!

Having a great offer that local people will want to book in for. I don’t mean give it away for free, knowing what local people want is key. If your offering something they want, they will be booking in as soon as they can.

Promote your unique selling point, everywhere you can! So, what makes your salon so special? Why should someone book in with you and not the salon down the road?

Remember to showcase what people maybe starting to think about for Autumn time. So a specific nail colour or trending hair colours, this will help give clients ideas and ensure they book their appointment sooner rather than later.

How to make the most of the Halloween period:
  • Listen – what do your clients want or need? What do local people want, like or need? Find this out then you can create the perfect package or offer what people are more likely to book in for.
  • Be creative – brain storm ideas with your team, research ideas, have a play on Canva for your social content, get creative with Reels. Don’t be shy to show your yourself. I see so many businesses not actually showing themselves on their socials. People buy from people. They want to know more about you and why they should book in with you!
  • Plan – get organised, make sure your team know your plan and schedule your social content. Then you have more time for your clients and less stress.
  • Join Blossoming Hub membership and community to help you with all of the above. You can find more details HERE alternatively you can book a 1:1 Bespoke training session, info HERE.

Oh and don’t forget to have a break, make time for yourself too!

I hope you have a brilliant Halloween!

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