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New starters checklist

New Starter Checklist

For those just setting up or thinking about starting a new hair or beauty business, this checklist makes sure you have everything in place.


8 marketing tips for salons

You can't just put all your efforts in social media and hope to get results. This may be hard to hear but you never know, one day social media might just be gone, or your account could be deleted. Make sure you are using other areas too as not everyone is on every platform. So, here are my 8 marketing tips to blossom offline:
Sarah owner of Blossom Tree SocialBlossom Tree Social

From beauty to business

I will be honest; I didn’t have any idea what I wanted to do after school. I was not exactly the most confident person. So, much has changed. I would say I’m still more of a listener than a talker but when I do, I’m straight to the point! I remember flicking through all the college courses and thinking what am I going to do? Then, I came across a hair and beauty...

How to Blossom online

How to blossom online top tips here. Beauty therapy can be such a rewarding job, helping clients to look and feel fabulous! However, sometimes the business side can be overwhelming. So, if your just starting out or looking to blossom your business then check out my top tips for online success...

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