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For hair, beauty, aesthetics & wellbeing pro’s!

Includes 30-days of content and much more.

New starters checklist

New Starter Checklist

For those just setting up or thinking about starting a new hair or beauty business, this checklist makes sure you have everything in place.

How to stay positive on social medias

How to stay positive on social media

Are you struggling to keep positive?⁠ Times are tough for everyone so I understand how hard it can be to keep being positive on your socials too. Even having the motivation to put posts on can be hard work. It takes time and planning to complete your socials and keeping positive can be difficult, we all need to keep calm and stay positive. We can do this! Try my top tips to keeping positive on social media
Hashtag blog photo

Hashtags for Instagram help to build your audience

I always get asked about hashtags for Instagram from which to use, how many and do we really need them? Hopefully, this blog will answer all your questions you may have and give you the confidence to start using hashtags and in the right way.
Ideal client persona

Why is a client persona so important?

Social media can be hard work, creating posts and planning strategies, engaging with others, posting awesome photos or even remembering to take some! It can be very time consuming when you have a business to run too which is why creating a customer persona is so important.

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