how to start beauty business

You’ve started your hair or beauty business?
Or you’ve been thinking about starting up?
There’s so much to think about. It can be very overwhelming, stressful
and hard to know where to begin!
Check out my top tips to help your new venture be successful

Your story matters

Are you using Instagram stories to your advantage?
Instagram stories need to be a part of your marketing strategy.

Check out this blog to see why they are important and try my top tips to creating some great stories to help build connections on your Instagram account…

Video content for social media is important to have especially now as Instagram recently announced that they will be concentrating on video content this year. So, I thought I would share some of my top tips to creating your video content. It can be overwhelming, and I know a lot are unsure where to start but I would suggest to try adding some video into your social media marketing strategy.

The start of the year can seem much quieter, after the mad rush over Christmas but how can you make sure your salon isn’t staying too quiet within these first few months? Try my top tips to keep you busier and build your clientele.

I’ve noticed a lot of salon owners lately saying that a lot of their clients are cancelling last minute or just not showing up to their appointments. It can be so disheartening and frustrating, I’ve been there myself. Try my ideas to stop the cancellations…

Client consultation tips

Consultations with your clients are so important as they help to build your relationship and trust. If you know exactly what your client wants and expects then they will keep returning as they feel more valued.
Just have a think about it from their point of view.


You can’t just put all your efforts in social media and hope to get results. This may be hard to hear but you never know, one day social media might just be gone, or your account could be deleted. Make sure you are using other areas too as not everyone is on every platform.

So, here are my 8 marketing tips to blossom offline:

I will be honest; I didn’t have any idea what I wanted to do after school. I was not exactly the most confident person. So, much has changed. I would say I’m still more of a listener than a talker but when I do, I’m straight to the point!
I remember flicking through all the college courses and thinking what am I going to do?
Then, I came across a hair and beauty…


How to blossom online top tips here.

Beauty therapy can be such a rewarding job, helping clients to look and feel fabulous! However, sometimes the business side can be overwhelming. So, if your just starting out or looking to blossom your business then check out my top tips for online success…

Instagram logo

I know a lot of people that have struggled when it comes to Instagram, they weren’t sure what to post, what hashtags to use and how to create a bio to attract their ideal client. This blog will help you to create or amend into a brilliant bio to attract those ideal clients and build your audience.