Blossoming Salon Socials

Blossoming Salon Socials

Introducing – Blossoming Salon Socials. Helping you become more confident, get more clients & be more organised with your business & socials.

My membership will help you if you:

  • Are new to social media
  • Are not sure when or what to post
  • Are struggling to get more sales
  • Want more clients
  • Need more time & less stress
  • Want to create clear goals
  • Need some motivation & inspiration
  • Want to build your empire

Included in my membership:

  • Training to complete at your own pace
  • Lots of free resources to help with your social media
  • Community of salon owners cheering each other to success
  • Masterclasses from other marketing pros
  • Masterclasses/Lives with industry experts
  • Guides & checklist to help with your productivity
  • Social salon success path
  • And much more

This membership is for any of the following salon owners:






So, if you’re a one man band or you have several spa’s, I’d love to help everyone! With a small investment of £29 per month to help you, your business & socials to grow & blossom.

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Is this membership for salon owners only?

Yes, the content is made specifically for salon owners and the community will be for salon owners to connect. I will be offering a few masterclasses to other businesses owners so follow me on Instagram so you don’t miss them.

Can I complete the content in my own time?

Yes of course, I will be adding something within the membership every month but you can watch the replays whenever it suits you.

Can I chat with others within the membership?

Yes, I have a private group for members only. Where we can share ideas, tips and those all important wins! Big or small we want to hear your accomplishments! I would love everyone to support each other and feel comfortable asking questions. This membership is to learn and grow together. I will also be in the chat answering any questions.

I have only just started my business, will this membership help me?

Yes, it will be a great time to help build your audience, get organised and meet your goals so you can grow and build your empire! It is a small investment to help you and your business to blossom.

I do pay monthly?

Yes, only a payment of £29.00 every month, from the date of sign up.

Can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel but then you’d miss out on lots of awesome stuff! You will no longer have access to coaching, advice, training, community and free resources.

So, to recap this is an amazing membership!

I can’t wait to start helping more salons grow and blossom!

Are you ready to invest to help build your audience, build your brand and build your confidence? For only £29 per month.

Doors are now open but not for long so claim your space today!

I’ve also created a free salon content ideas kit HERE

If you have any questions, please get in touch here

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